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The First School in the World of its Kind Created to Fulfill the Hopes of Mothers Everywhere

​-Anfini Summit- staff (2014). "Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014".

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WHAT are CIs?

CI is an acronym that means Cochlear Implant. Cochlear Implants are complex medical devices that provide the sense of sound by stimulating the auditory nerve directly. Children and adults who wear CIs have severe hearing loss from inner-ear damage. Their sense of hearing is similar to the silence of being underwater- except that is how they live every single day. 

Why Not Use Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are a tool that amplifies sound and they help people who have some residual hearing left. However, those with profound hearing loss do not benefit from hearing aids. 

The Last Chance for

an Opportunity to Hear

Both children and adults may qualify for Cochlear Implants. Even children as young as one year old may qualify for implantation surgery. Cochlear implantation surgery also looks different in different countries. It is a big decision for parents.

Parents all over the world are thinking

the same thing:



Some mothers feel worried and guilty that they are making this big decision for their child. Are they making the right choice? The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Surgical risks are minimal but can include tinnitus, facial nerve bruising, and dizziness.


Surgeons cut open the tissue behind the ear to access the cochlea and insert the implant electrodes. They also place an internal implant under the skin behind the ear, securing it to the skull in this area. 

Do you think that people with CIs can hear the same as hearing people?  


The answer is NO 

CIs do not make deaf or hard-of-hearing people hear the same as people without hearing impairments but CIs can help them with identifying sounds.

Is Learning English Hard for CI Kids?

In today’s world, English is becoming an important language to learn. Anfini’s members, who are from throughout the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, and West Africa, live in non-English-speaking countries. They know how important it is to learn English early in life because English is a global language and learning English will expand the horizon of kids who have hearing impairments. 


Some non-English-speaking countries offer English classes at school and the age at which kids start learning English is getting younger and younger. If children with hearing impairments face difficulties with learning English, they might give up easily and won’t want to learn English anymore. They may not even want to learn any languages anymore. To address this problem, Anfini wants to help and support these children with learning English. 

What Can Anfini Do?

Anfini is an English language school for children with CIs and the only school of its kind in the world.


It is extremely important that children and parents create an English-language immersion environment and have the motivation to learn English.


Anfini’s classes and services will help provide an English-language immersion environment and help CI Kids get excited about learning English. 

I am a CI KID

Mika was born deaf.

At age 2, she got bilateral CIs.

At age 4, she started to learn English.

At age 6, Mika won the 2021 Med-El Academic Excellence Award for the preschool ages section.

This is Mika from Indonesia

Ten Benefits of Enrollment into Anfini

1) Your CI Kid will make friends all over the world while parents will become part of an international network.


2) Making friends all over the world will cause your child to become very motivated to learn English.  

3) Participants will gain information about cochlear implants and hard-of-hearing educational
developments in not only their home country but all over the world. 

4) Our online English lessons are provided by specialists who know how to teach spoken languages to hard-of-hearing children. We also have rehabilitation specialists who have been trained by MED-EL and mothers who have completed Anfini’s original teacher training program on staff to support your CI Kid with learning English. 

5) While considering time zone differences, we will provide international group lessons to CI Kids so that they can interact with other CI Kids from a variety of other countries. Even though group lessons are difficult for hard-of-hearing kids, 

your CI Kid will have the opportunity to practice hearing other people’s English, speak English themselves, move their bodies, and have fun while learning English. 

6) It is very important to get used to English sounds. When we are not doing formal lessons, we will have video coursework for our CI Kids to do at home. Our video coursework contains English songs that were custom created for Anfini by a Canadian professional musician whose voice has little to no accent and is said to be easy for hard-of-hearing people to understand.  

7) We will have all parents, since they spend the most time with their kids, learn how to instruct their CI Kids at home with webinars provided by HearLife Foundation Inc. Phils and MED-EL Austria. 

8) We will have meetings for parents in which the Director of HearLife Foundation Inc. Phils will courteously answer questions relating to the webinars and any other questions parents may have regarding instructing their CI Kids. 

9) We will provide how-to demonstration videos so that you can learn how to use our lesson kits at home. 

10) We will provide a once-a-year summer school experience, with both online and offline options, so that CI Kids and their parents can meet others like them from all over the world and become friends. 

​Contact Us

​Anfini Global School

​Osaka, Japan

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BASE Jumping
cochlear ​Implant

This is AI from England. He enjoys base jumping which is a recreational sport that involves jumping from fixed objects, using a parachute to descend safely to the ground. He takes his sound processors off when he puts on his helmet and jumps from the cliff! It makes him feel motivated, challenged and excited!

He advised us "If you can find a decent helmet, you can do any sports you want with cochlear implants."

cochlear ​Implants

This is Matt and he's from the U.S.A. He is a firefighter who wears cochlear implants.

He has overcome so many struggles. He was always told he couldn't become a firefighter but he became a firefighter through his incredible efforts. We are so impressed and he is the best role model for cochlear implant kids all over the world. His goal is to inspire kids to embrace their potential and the opportunities they have out there.


​This is SHARLENE and she is from the Philippines. She was born deaf but can hear with a cochlear implant and hearing aid.

​Do you think English will changes the world?

Her answer is...

"I really do think English plays a huge factor in our lives as it will become real handy when we have the opportunity to share ourselves to the world."

wearing cochlear ​Implant

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What Can Anfini Do?

1. World class verbal language training


2. World class attitude


3. Connecting to the world via global networking

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