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Our Partner

Anfini is affiliated with HearLife Foundation Inc. Phils which provides the following:


1) They help create programs for Anfini.


2) They host webinars for parents and trainees to discuss hearing loss and provide training in English Spoken Language Rehabilitation for CI kids. These webinars are created with the support of MED-EL Rehab Austria.


3) They provide regular Zoom meetings with parents for open discussions, to share strategies, and to share online resources.


What is HearLife Foundation Inc.?

HearLife Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization,

duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission

(in Manila, Philippines).


About HearLife Foundation Inc.

In 1997, Georg Mueller and his wife and partner, Maribel, were assigned to establish and head the MED-EL Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters by Dr. Ingeborg and Dr. Erwin Hochmair, creators of the first micro-electronic multi-channel cochlear implant in the world and co-founders of MED-EL Innsbruck, Austria. This was the beginning of cochlear implantation in the Philippines.


This shared commitment by MED-EL IBK and MED-EL Philippines remains throughout the continuous development, production, and subsidizing costs of cochlear implant systems. To date, support has been extended to more than 500 Filipino children and adults.


HearLife Foundation Inc. (HLF) sprung from the passion of Georg and Maribel and their forged friendships and shared love among many individuals and organizations in championing the deaf Filipino child.

At least 8 profoundly deaf Children are born everyday in The Philippines. Most deaf children are from fINANCIALLY CHALLENGED FAMILIES.

More so today, families of deaf and hard of hearing children in the Philippines face great financial challenges in receiving Implantation and even obtaining hearing aids.

Currently, Government assistance is lacking and program infrastructures needed are simply absent and not a priority. As a result, the journey towards language acquisition and literacy among the deaf have become more difficult.


What is most unfortunate is that language and literacy determine the quality of life of these children? 

How can we deny them the possibility of being a pivotal voice in the community?


The Phillippines, with its 7,641 islands and more or less its 150 languages offer added challenges in providing needed surgical and hospital services, rehabilitation and education. Slowly though, Hearlife and its growing partners and stakeholders continue to band together to champion the deaf. Together, we provide assistance to deaf families through family counselling, subsidized speech rehabilitation and professional development trainings.


Join the movement.

Champion the deaf.

HearLife...we are committed.


Anfini would like to help deaf children who have a chance to hear and keep giving them hope by learning the English language. We will donate a portion of our revenues to HearLife Foundation Inc. in the Philippines so that they can continue to provide counselling for parents and free speech and language development training for children.  

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