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Our Mission

     To expand the Possibilities of

CI Kids

by Global Networking

They will become pioneers who expand the possibilities for cochlear implant users.

They will become leaders who will create an international and more diverse society. 

​Our Philosophy

CI Kids are Leaders who can contribute to the world.


They are not disabled children like in the past. 


They are children who have ability and use the latest technology. 


They will overcome their own limits by approaching everything completely differently from conventional ways.


They can acquire English as well as their mother languages.


They will become citizens of the world who can communicate and be friends with other CI users all over the world. 

Our Dream

International School

Our dream is to establish an international school, with both online and offline options, for CI Kids all around the world. 

We believe that CI Kids are not meant to be saved but rather are meant to be the saviors of others. They understand that everyone is unique and has their own special talents. They will become leaders who will go on to create a more diverse and international society. 

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