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The First School in the World of its Kind Created to Fulfill the Hopes of Mothers Everywhere

​Online Summer School in August, 2023

​Dear Applicants
Thank you for joining our online summer school.
We had a
​Our dream came true that we could connect CI Kids and their families around the world.


wearing a cochlear Implant
and hearing aid

​This is SHARLENE and she is from the Philippines. She was born deaf but can hear with a cochlear implant and hearing aid.

​Do you think English will change the world?

Her answer is...

"I really do think English plays a huge factor in our lives as it will become real handy when we have the opportunity to share ourselves to the world."


wearing a cochlear Implant

​This is SIMONE and she is from South Africa. She was born deaf but can hear with a cochlear implant.

​Do you think English will change the world?

Her answer is...

"Yes, I do. It certainly has changed my world for the better. Afrikaans is my first language. We live in a world where English is so universal that it has become a necessity."


What you will get with Anfini are?


Experts regarding hearing loss


​World-Class spoken language training


​Global Network connecting you to the world 

Anfini's strength:
global networking


why Global networking?

BECAUSE cochlear implants have been around for a long time and yet there is a BIG GAP in the knowledge of each country regarding this new technology.

Therefore, children using cochlear implants in Japan​ are said to be 15 YEARS BEHIND regarding the information offered in the leading countries. Children in Japan can't make full use of this expensive technology even with the assistance of the Japanese government. 

​Eyeglasses offer a similar assistance to cochlear implants, but THE DIFFERENCE is...


You can see the moment you put glasses on but AFTER attaching the cochlear implant,



BECAUSE it's the BRAIN that needs to be trained, NOT THE EARS.


Even if the cochlear implant gives you sound, your brain must be TRAINED to interpret that sound.


​This is WHY training and education is so ESSENTIAL with people who need cochlear implants.

In Australia I learned Techniques for Raising Vocal Language for Children with Cochlear Implants( AVT). It's completely different from the deaf education we had received in Japan. It's still good, but if you ask AVT therapist for language training, There are


1. FEE

Since it is not covered by insurance, it can be as expensive as 20,000 yen each session.


No matter how good the therapist is with just one hour of training once a week, language can not be attained.


Anfini takes advantage of the global networking under the supervison of a specialist. and we use world-class expertise & spoken language training.

​We have created an online college where everyday parents can learn!

what is TWO

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​Anfini Global School

​Osaka, Japan

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